Discipline the City Season Pass

The Discipline The City Season Pass allows access to 20 varied programmes across three platforms:
  • Workshop (every first Friday)
  • Salon (every first Friday)
  • Cinema (every first Thursday)
Each programme explores facets of The Substation's 2017 theme and contextualises the theme in ways both everyday and esoteric.

Tickets to each event are available individually for $10 (not inclusive of ticketing fees.) See http://www.disciplinethecity.sg for individual event tickets and detailed event synopsis.

Season Pass sales close on 30 June 2017, 2359hrs.

Overview of programmes


5 & 12 May

Ng Hui Ying

Before food arrives on plates, it has to be cultivated, transported, prepared and cooked. Take a closer look at how these spaces – gardens, markets, kitchens – are designed; then re-make them.

2 June

What Will We Wear? Uniforms for Singapore in 2065
Justin Zhuang

Fashion has long embodied codes and cultures that discipline the bodies and communities that they adorn. Collectively envision what uniforms this city’s citizens will need in the coming future.

7, 9 & 22 July

Shifting Concretes (3-part workshop)
Kwek Jia Qi & Karen Lam

Orchard Road has long been designed to resist individuals' interference in its crafted image. The workshop generates an artistic intervention that will facilitate social interactions in Orchard Road.

4, 7 &14 August

Body Politics | Bodies in Space (3-part workshop)
Chan Sze-Wei

Peoples' bodies are both physical and social constructions: they carry relationships, norms, values, habits and questions. Be sensitised to the concealed questions of human bodies through this three-part movement workshop.

5 & 8 September

Mapping Spiritual Spaces (2-part workshop)
Terence Heng

Every year during the Hungry Ghost Festival, a spiritual city springs into being. Through a walking tour of a HDB estate on 5 September, the peak of Hungry Ghost Festival, map everyday spirituality in the city.

6 October

How safe are we? Security and Trespassing in the City
Yvette Koh & LockpickSG

As wealth grew, so did security measures in the city. Examine the ways in which buildings and locks have been designed to both resist but also invite trespassers. The session ends with a demonstration of locksport – recreational lock-picking.

There is a materials surcharge of $15 which entitles each participant to a training lock and lockpick set. Season pass holders will pay this $15 at the door.

3 November

Living with Our Disabilities
Danielle Hong & Lim Jingjie

For many who live with disabilities, accessing public facilities and spaces calls for many micro-decisions and lifestyle adjustments. Uncover gaps in the built environment that could be improved to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

1 December

Save Your Streets: A Walkability Game
Participate in Design

The liveability of our neighbourhoods starts from the design of our streets. Using the Save Your Streets Participatory Planning Toolkit, be the architect and planner of a neighbourhood for a day.



5 May

The Passion of Kenny Pereira: The Gay Eurasian Soldier of Michael Chiang’s “Army Daze” and His Legacy
Ng Yi-Sheng

Singaporeans will certainly recall Michael Chiang's highly successful and extremely patriotic comedy, "Army Daze". This portrayal of National Service was both a pioneering English-language play (1987) and film (1996), and is noteworthy for its inclusion of a coded queer character: Kenny Pereira, a flamboyantly effeminate Eurasian recruit. Examine the political, social and cultural confluences that led to the creation of this character, the nuances of his role and his diverse interpretations, and his arguable legacy in Singaporean theatre and film.

2 June

Another Space Is Possible? Art Creating Urban Space in Singapore
Mayee Wong & Joanne Leow

In 2012, Singaporean street artist SKL0, famed for her sticker-bombing graffiti work, was arrested under charges of vandalism. Explore aesthetics of resistance in Singapore’s tightly controlled spatial landscape, and the urban possibilities evoked by cultural production.

7 July

Abstraction and the City
Louis Ho

The utopia that is Singapore has been founded on an ideal social order and brought about by standardized design and mass production. Understand how the work of local artists, Jeremy Sharma and Anthony Poon evokes both the structured impersonality of the urban fabric and the circumscribed modes of social life that has for long been associated with post-independence Singapore.

4 August

Everyday Monuments: Structuring Life in Pyongyang
Calvin Chua

Everyday life in Pyongyang has been structured through specific architectural settings. Trace the urban transformation of the city over the past decade and the influence of the built environment on daily routines.

8 September

PPAP, Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style: A composer's double take on viral Youtube music content
Chong Li-Chuan

The body has been disciplined through the rapid production, reproduction and consumption of cultural content in a post-capitalist society. Identify the precendents to viral music content in a hypersocial world through an analysis of contagion factors present within Harlem Shake, Psy's Gangnam Style and Pikotaro's PPAP.

6 October

Chasing Inuka: Rambling around Singapore through Tan Pin Pin’s Films
Lilian Chee

In filmmaker Tan Pin Pin’s documentary Snow City (2011), viewers are taken through a montage of seemingly unrelated scenes from the Singapore cityscape. Unpack Tan's construction of filmic space and acute use of atmosphere in highlighting dimensions of space across the city.

3 November

Buildings Must Die: Reflections From Singapore
Stephen Cairns and Jane M. Jacobs

In architecture and urban design, the disciplinary practice of design focusses on the beginning, rather than middle and end, of a building’s life. Understand how a wider ecological of design can aid in the development of a sensitivity for the inert - can one feel for buildings and cities as they age, deteriorate and ultimately die?

1 December

Making Noise in the Nanny State
Mark Wong

Music has long been a vehicle for political resistance. Uncover significant examples in a close reading of Singapore's music history.



From hyperactive cities to languid villages or post-apocalyptic slums, CINEMA explores the urban conditioning of bodies by routines, ideologies or police control. Anchored by the opening film of Tokyo!, the four selected films follow protagonists as they struggle to rise above cyclic states of discipline. Through the sub-themes of Transformation, Anarchy, and Rebirth, the collection reveals how places shape their inhabitants.

3 MAY Secret Film 1 - Tokyo!
Leos Carax, Joon-ho Bong, Michel Gondry

Tokyo​ is a city of transitions in three short films. A young woman who finds her life useless experiences a metamorphosis. A disheveled Caucasian emerges from a manhole to face arrest, trial, and execution. A recluse experiences human contact when a pizza-delivery girl faints at his door during an earthquake. A chair, a corpse, a hermit: sources of urban connection?

8 JUNE Secret Film 2 - Transformation
To be revealed

6 JULY Secret Film 3 - Anarchy
To be revealed

3 AUGUST Secret Film 4 - Rebirth
To be revealed

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